Salvatore Matarazzo (Viareggio, 1980) is a professional photographer and member of the international Street Photography collective “Full Frontal Flash”. His distinctive trait is the original use of flash, with which he sculpts the faces of the people he meets on the street. In 2002 he began working as a photojournalist for newspapers and news agencies but it was the Street that made him known as an author: his unique point of view led him among the winners of the Tokyo International Foto Awards in 2016, to exhibit his photos all over the world (such as at Art Basel in Miami, at the Pasa Futura Festival in Suwon, at the Leica Lounge in Florence and at the Trieste Photo Days) and to hold master classes on the Street, in Italy and abroad. After various publications in paper and online magazines (such as Huffington Post, Progresso Fotografico and Il Fotografo), and his independent publications (such as Carnival, Darwin Is Street and Pocket Beach), his book, “Street Tales” was released in October 2022. , an author’s monograph that contains his first 10 years of Street Photography, published by Psicografici Editori.




Where and how:

OFFICINE FOTOGRAFICHE – Via Giuseppe Libetta, 1 – 00154 – Roma


SATURDAY – 27 APRIL 2024 – 10:00-17:00 ITALIAN TIME
SUNDAY – 28 APRIL 2024 – 10:00-17:00 ITALIAN TIME



In this workshop Salvatore will guide you through his personal vision of Street Photography which has made him known in the world of photography, thanks to his unique and difficult to label style. He will accompany you along the streets of Rome explaining how, with thought and observation, extraordinary things can be found even in the most ordinary everyday life. And, without neglecting the human part, he will show you how he manages to approach strangers and photograph them, a process where many factors come into play such as body language, empathy and the ability to adapt to any situation you may encounter on the street. . This part of the course is fundamental for the more “shy” photographers, who decide to break the ice on the street and for those who, despite not being afraid, are unable to get close to people because they feel uncomfortable or too indiscreet.
The workshop program also includes more technical parts, such as the use of flash in Street Photography and the various modalities used by members of the international Full Frontal Flash collective to make this artificial light a true creative tool, both during the day and at night. in any environment, open or closed.
Salvatore will also talk to you about portrait photography and Street Photography: the basics of Street Photography, the street portrait, composition and editing, how to develop a project and how to achieve your own precise and recognizable style.

First day:
10.00am meeting at Officine Fotografie and start of theoretical lesson
1pm lunch break
2pm start of practical lesson on the street
5pm End of first day
Second day:
10.00 am Meeting and short meeting at Officine Fotografie and start of practical lesson
1pm lunch break
2pm third part of the practical lesson begins
5pm last photo review, final considerations, goodbyes and end of the workshop


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